The $62 Billion Reason to Improve Your Customer Experience

October 21, 2019

In case you missed it:




A news flash to help you understand just how big an impact poor customer service has on your brand.


REACTIONS: This wasn't written to TA experts, but it's relevant. We hear a great many organizations talk about how important candidate experience is to them, but they don't back it with either resource or focus. If your candidate experience can use a refresh, there are some solid points here to help you sharpen your focus. Love the anecdote about sharing phone numbers. If this gives you the heebie jeebies - you need to read further.


VERDICT: Skim It: Go through the article while thinking about your candidate experience. We're sure that at least 1 headline will catch your attention. Then use that relentlessly to evaluate your process and see if there are gaps between what you want and what you are delivering.


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