My boss wants me to tell her when I’m looking for a new job

June 21, 2019

In case you missed it:




Should I/Shouldn't I be open about my career search?


REACTIONS: Do I understand why a boss would want to know if their team members were looking for a new challenge? Yes. Do I think it's reasonable? No. That type of trust has to be earned and doesn't come automatically. Solid advice for those of us who find ourselves in this situation. The one thing the article doesn't cover is how to react when asked in the first place. We recommend a simple "I'll try to." or just acknowledge that you've heard the request without committing to it.


VERDICT: Read It: While this person was dealing with a specific request from their boss, many of us may face a similar issue. Good advice on what to do and why. I would add, if you are really concerned about maintaining your brand and ensuring that you keep positive relations - focus on making sure that all your work processes are documented and that your successor will understand what they need to do.


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