Why Analytics Should Come Before Anything Else

June 10, 2019

In case you missed it:




Don't treat analytics as an add on by waiting until the end to think about it.


REACTIONS: It's not common for us to say things are important and then treats them as "nice to do's." If you're serious about metrics, then don't fall into this trap. Some important steps to think about: Make sure you have an analytics person on the team - not just someone who is good with spreadsheets; Involve them from the start; Support your ultimate culture of data based decisions by building this into everything you do.


VERDICT: Skim It: Helpful article, but can be summarized easily - Bring in your analytics at the beginning of the project to ensure that your KPIs/metrics are valid, relevant and useful. The best metrics are developed alongside the solution to the challenge you're working on.


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