How to respond to ‘Tell me about yourself?’ during an interview

March 1, 2019

In case you missed it:




We hate this question - it's the Rorschach test of interview questions - but this does offer a helpful means to answer the question.


REACTIONS: We've seen this question strike fear into the best of candidates - it's so hard to anticipate what the interviewer is looking for. According to this article, the secret is to not to overthink or overspeak when answering. They provide a simple format for answering the question and a tool to move forward. Their suggested "Present-Past-Future formula" is easy to comprehend and you can easily practice this at home. In front of the mirror.


VERDICT: Skim It: All you really need to know is 1) Most everyone hates this question and 2) Their Present-Past-Future formula is an effective response. Skip to that paragraph and ignore the weird formatting and advertising that makes reading this post annoying.


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