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What Emails Reveal About Your Performance At Work

In case you missed it:


Big data + emails can help us better predict performance and retention.

REACTIONS: For many of us, we won't have access to these tools - but reading about the findings is very helpful. There are some inherent biases in here (not everyone prefers to communicate via email), but we don't feel it takes away from the value of some of the findings. One of the top takeaways - the author's pet peeve about folks who just forward emails without updating the subject line. A great suggestion for what to do instead. Start patterning it today in your organization.

VERDICT: Skim It: We were borderline on this - the article had a lot of good information. But, ultimately, unless you are planning on investing in one of these data analytic tools, you should just jump down to the section that starts with "The Genpact Study."

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