Our mission is simple and drives our actions every day and in every way:​​​​​​



  • We do our best to deliver high-quality products and services at a reasonable price point;

  • We create a workplace that creates opportunities for growth and development for people who have been historically overlooked; and

  • We operate frugally and constantly look for ways to do more with what we have.

We were found because one of our Founders, as well as several colleagues, complained about the availability of quality resources at a reasonable price point.  We know that small and medium-sized businesses have unique needs as well as limited resources.  We are looking to fill this overlooked niche market.


Talent is everywhere, but that doesn’t mean it always has access to opportunity.  We focus on hiring, training, and developing talent that others may have overlooked - because of their backgrounds, age, gender, marital status, religion, sexual orientation, or other reasons.  Our workforce is appreciative and committed to their careers and proud of their work product.

Our DNA is being resourceful and making the most of our available resources.  We don’t focus on what we could do “if we had…” but on “how do we accomplish that with what is here.”  It’s kept us scrappy and innovative.