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Leadership vs. Management, What’s the Difference?

In case you missed it: WHAT (BUSINESS LEADERS) NEED TO KNOW: A systematic exploration and explanation of the differences between the competencies of a good leader and those of a good manager. REACTIONS: A tough area as every Sr. Manager and organization we've talked to has defined these words differently. What's valuable about this is article is the way it breaks down and defines each competency. So even if you don't agree that a Manager needs to be a good mentor, but a Leader doesn't, you will benefit from applying this format to your organization. VERDICT: SKIM IT: The infographic is a very useful way of showing the difference between Leadership and Management. If you don't agree with this

MidWeek Meme

In case you missed it: #wordsofwisdom #profoundstatement #inspiration #inspirational #goodadvice #wisdom #tip #quote #truth #lifequotes #lifelessons #life #quoteoftheday #wisewords #dailyinspiration #InspirationalQuotes #motivationalquotes

7 Boring Email Cliches, and How to Avoid Using Them

In case you missed it: WHAT (CAREER SEEKERS) NEED TO KNOW: If you're sending out emails, then read this now. REACTIONS: If you're looking for a new challenge, then chances are you're sending out emails. Prospecting, Cover or Thank You letters - it's a burdensome task for most of us. It's easy to find yourself falling into traps (hey, isn't that why they have a word for it - cliche?!?). We like this advertorial because they give you examples as well as theory. VERDICT: READ IT. Even though this is an advertorial, it's chock full of suggestions. Clearly written and provides examples that you can launch from. #jobhunting #careeropportunities #careermanagement #careercounseling #careeradvise #ca

MidWeek Meme

In case you missed it: #wordsofwisdom #profoundstatement #inspiration #inspirational #goodadvice #wisdom #tip #quote #truth #lifequotes #lifelessons #life #quoteoftheday #wisewords #dailyinspiration #InspirationalQuotes #motivationalquotes

What Emails Reveal About Your Performance At Work

In case you missed it: WHAT (BUSINESS LEADERS) NEED TO KNOW: Big data + emails can help us better predict performance and retention. REACTIONS: For many of us, we won't have access to these tools - but reading the findings is very helpful. There are some inherent biases in here (not everyone prefers to communicate via email), but we don't feel it takes away from the value of some of the findings. One of the top takeaways - the author's pet peeve about folks who just forward emails without updating the subject line. A great suggestion for what to do instead. Start patterning it today in your organization. VERDICT: Skim It: We were borderline on this - the article had a lot of good information

Why You Should Always Ask the Hiring Manager, “What Would a Typical Day Look Like?”

In case you missed it: WHAT (CAREER SEEKERS) NEED TO KNOW: Great question for those of you who get stuck on what questions to ask during the interview. REACTIONS: We constantly have candidates us what questions should they be asking when they are asked. This article was useful because it has a question that would be useful for your hiring manager meeting. We think it's a useful and accurate way to gauge their expectations about the job and what would or wouldn't be important. VERDICT: Skim it: The question is simple and straightforward - the value is in the follow-up and what is or isn't said. Don't think the important part is asking the question - it's all about the dialog it creates. #care

10 Truths About the Military Transition Process Employers Need to Understand

In case you missed it: WHAT (TALENT ACQUISITION EXPERTS) NEED TO KNOW: Recruiting veterans is a smart move, but don't forget that this unique audience will have a distinct set of needs that smart TA Leaders will want to address in order to ensure success. REACTIONS: Lots of insight into how veterans see the world and a helpful way to better understand their point of view and needs. But it makes us wonder why they didn't talk about engaging and using veterans currently within your workforce. This challenge sounds like a prime project for an internal working group. VERDICT: READ IT: Recruiting vets is a wise move for a variety of reasons - including access to a well-trained labor pool as well

A Google engineer took a 50% pay cut to leave his job and join a startup, and 3 years later, he isn'

In case you missed it: WHAT (BUSINESS LEADERS) NEED TO KNOW: How committed organizations are to employee engagement has a direct impact on the bottom line. REACTIONS: Great article that talks about the value of keeping your team engaged. It's not always about money. Impressive quote CEO's response to a potential hire's concern about possibly wanting to leave after a year: 'If we can't keep you happy enough to stay for more than a year, that's on us.' VERDICT: READ IT: Always, always important to remember that it's important to pay attention to what keeps people engaged. Fun Fact: It's not always about pay. #employeeengagement#culturedevelopment#leadership#employeevalueproposition#employeeret

8 Things to Bring to Every Job Interview

In case you missed it: WHAT (CAREER SEEKERS) NEED TO KNOW: A shortlist of what every best-prepared candidate brings to their interviews. REACTIONS: Overall, a useful tactical checklist for what to have the day of your interview - including the often overlooked "Figure out how you will get there." The only one we are indifferent to is References. Depending on the level of position, we would want to customize your list of references AND speak to each of them prior to sharing them. VERDICT: Skim It: A good reminder and you may want to transfer the main points to a reminder that you can use the night before each interview. It's easy to get into a rut and think that you're fully prepared when, in

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